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Doug Francis

Our Philosophy

Recognized worldwide, the prestige of the Sotheby's brand is unparalleled.

At it's core, I believe that every transaction gives me an opportunity to impact and improve the lives of my clients.

Yes, I meet people in all stages of their lives and understand that my job starts with their plan to move, and, carefully listening to their goals. I have been there for move-up or growing families who need a bigger home, the difficult times such as divorce or estate sales, and for those lucky clients selling the big house when the kids have grown up.

Sharing my experience and providing helpful strategies and resources are what guide my clients to focus, ultimately moving toward whatever that next exciting period of their lives may be.

Keeping current and understanding today's global, tech savvy consumer is where TTR Sotheby's International Realty gives my clients a uniquely competitive edge. Even after 27 successful years in the real estate business, our philosophies are congruent with a common goal to help our clients successfully move forward.

Here are some of the tools that I'm using today.

Doug Francis

A lot has changed over the last couple of decades, especially in the real estate business. Back in the 1990s, I would meet clients after personally previewing 15-20 homes and then spend the weekend seeing them. Today, people will call already knowing a lot more about YOUR house, and expect clear communication and answers before taking the next step.

Like football, a strategy to cover the final 10 yards is the hardest to call. I understand today's buyer habits and what they are looking for when they are evaluating your home online. They want more than just digital photos, and that is where sales skills help you get great offers..

My first story

My first week in the business, the sales manager insisted we attend a presentation on understanding mortgages and financing. Having spent the past few years in Boston working for an investment company, I knew that finances were a mystery to people. So, I bought the book and became a student.

It's one of the tasks in the process, but mortgage financing remains a critically important topic when a client's home is under contract. With many loans these days being done with distant lenders, having confidence when an offer is accepted remains paramount to each client's success.


Doug was our realtor when we recently sold our house in Vienna. We got a good price and a minimum of hassle in the process thanks to Doug's attention to detail and 25 year career that has exposed him to every curve ball that could possibly come along.

With his advice we made several strategic improvements that cost us very little but helped it look so much better. He was very hands-on and responsive in dealing with home inspection and VA loan issues that might have rattled many buyers. He made sure that we got successfully over the finish line.
We had an excellent experience working with Doug! We crossed his path when our parents moved to the area. We were focused on Vienna real estate but ended up finding a beautiful home nearby in Falls Church that he was able to help us secure in this crazy environment. We then quickly turned around and sold our town house with Doug and he did an incredible job getting the townhouse together for presentation and sale. Once a great offer was accepted, he was on top of the property and process to ensure there’d be no hiccups along the way. He was a great communicator through the entire process and was never pushy or overbearing.

Fred and Marilyn ~ Google Review

Ben and Sarah ~ Google Review

Our Expertise

  • Deep dive into what makes your home special
  • Project managing every detail
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Staging
  • Full Motion Videos
  • Detailed Floor plans
  • Interactive storytelling to showcase the unique lifestyle connected of your home
  • International Marketing & Exposure

In-Depth Review & Consultation

Getting to the heart of your unique home

Every property is unique and it's our job to understand and communicate the lifestyle connected to your home and match it to the right buyer. We spend the time to get to know your goals, your home, and your community in detail. An excellent first step, create a detailed list of updates you may have done to the house and when you did that project. For example, did you remodel the kitchen, baths, or replace flooring, fixtures or the roof?
Project Management

Selling your home can be an overwhelmingly complex process especially when we first meet. As about my resources such as a reliable painter or wherever may be needed. We're here to make it easy, seamless and stress-free. Count on us to carefully manage details, explain each step and ensure you are constantly up to date so you can keep running your life without worry.
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HDR Photography

Your home is a high-value asset and a cherished place of belonging. We believe the marketing of your home should convey its true worth.

Using beautifully framed, professional photography is the foundation of property marketing and essential for visually communicating the story of your home. We are committed to the top-of-the line professional photography, using HDR cameras that ensure perfect lighting and detail.

Custom Floor Plans

Your home will receive a custom floor plan mapped by a professional. Floor plans will be included in marketing materials and made readily available to prospective buyers.

Floor plans may seem obvious, but having these measurements can be a tool that a buyer will use to make an offer on your home.

Full Motion Video

A viewer's natural response to compelling video is to slip inside the experience. Potential buyers will imagine themselves hosting a dinner party or luxuriating in the sanctuary of the master bedroom. With this emotional connection, your home skips to the short list.

3D Interactive Tour

3D tours offer the unique ability to walk through your home from the comfort of theirs.

Think of this as a virtual tour personalized to each potential buyer. Viewers not only explore your home online--they choose how to move through the rooms. The experience is active rather than passive.

Interactive & Print Storytelling

Interactive storytelling is a way of bringing together narrative design and different types of media to create immersive experiences for homebuyers. Elevating the conversation above simple features, we focus on the unique lifestyle that embodies your property and community.
Print provides something tangible to for buyers to walk away with. Featuring compelling designs, rich narratives and vivid images to tell your home’s story, our brochures ensure your home stands out above the rest. Printed in HD on silk stock for a luxurious look and feel, everyone will want to keep and share these works of art.
With advanced analytics tools, we’ll always know how your property performs online across multiple real estate platforms. Views, saves, 3D tour engagement, and other reports will help evaluate AI valuations and the value that I see in today's market.

Advanced Analytics

Online Marketing

As the online world increasingly becomes the primary source for property searches, it is more important than ever that a marketing strategy of diverse visibility and captivating content is used. My job is to filter through the complexity and to design a customized marketing program gets your home in front of the right demographic of buyers.
Unlike what other Realtors might tell you, posting on MLS is not enough. It's critical that your home is posted everywhere to get maximum visibility - on all listing portals, social media channels, websites and blogs. But visibility is only half the solution. Making your home stand out requires me to appeal to the dreams and desires of perspective buyers.

TTR Sotheby's International Realty

Understanding Buyer Agents

There is a discrepancy between media headlines and actually marketing your home. The NAR Settlement states that agents can’t input commission into the MLS. The settlement does not prevent a seller from offering buyer agent commission. I recommend you continue to offer buyer agent commission for multiple reasons.
  • Increased exposure and pool of qualified buyers
  • Increased competition for your home
  • Higher likelihood of a higher net
  • Less liability, increased professionalism and a greater likelihood your home will complete settlement with a listing & buyer agent involved.


Zillow remains one of the most commonly viewed home buyer sites.

As a seller, knowing how Zillow views your home is important. Having studied their business since 2008 (yup, they are old tech that's remained out front) I know they have not been inside your house.

For example, they really could not have guessed the record I helped a client set in Vienna. Luckily I was able to "screen-shot" the numbers and can confirm the accuracy.

Their Zestimate: $1,515,100

Sold Price: $1,620,000

Before the house hit the market, there was a list of activities to get the home prepared to attract a high bidder. Although the upfront expense didn't break my client's bank, the return was significant.

Let's prepare you home too.
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Virtual Staging is used in this Case Study to show these empty bedrooms now have a clear purpose and warmth. Today's consumer often makes decisions based on online photos. These photos are done by a designer in Texas who has crafted these photos for me since 2020. Read More
In this Case Study, the owner was able to move out of the 1950's house and allow the hadwood floors to refinished and walls to be repaired and painted. The kitchen was not updated and the home was priced accordingly to attract a willing buyer. The driveway was resurfaced and deck repainted. Read More
First impressions are essential. In this Case Study, the builder's exterior Williamsburg blue color did not compliment the architecture. An inexpensive change was to paint the shutters traditional black helping the front have a more luxurious look and it photographed better. Inside, dated colors were updated with a contrasting Benjamin Moore color. Read More

My Commitment

"To positively impact and improve the lives of my clients."

From our first meeting, my commitment is to make recommendations and provide solutions that will help your home reach it's highest potential in the marketplace.

Having also helped buyers move here from across the country, I give my seller clients insight into how to appeal to buyers searching here in the Metropolitan DC area, but also those planning to move here from California, New York, Minnesota or London who could be considering booking a flight this weekend to see your home.

Being available to meet with you and discuss options is essential, as is listening to your questions or concerns. The focus is on your house, and always keeping you in the loop.

Sotheby's International Realty Stats

Community Involvement

North East Vienna Citizens Association
For 15 years, I've helped NEVCA do neighborhood things like petition to get flashing crosswalks on Beulah Road, get speed bumps, plant trees, and make donations to community causes. As the Vice Presidendent of NEVCA, I have been the moderator of the Meet the Candidates Forum for the Vienna Town Council. The Town of Vienna media department films and posts the Forum for residents to see.

Vienna Arts Society
As a member of the Advisary Board, I meet with VAS leadership annually to provide insight into ideas, plans and goals. One project we are especially proud of was the 2019 Bench Project and Auction. Artist members painted benches which were placed around town for the summer and sold at auction in November 2019.

In early 2020, COVID-19 shut down all activites and revenue sources for the Vienna Arts Society. Fortunately, the funds raised in the Bench Auction gave the 50 year old Vienna Arts Society a lifeline.

Recent Awards

Get in touch with me.
Thanks for reading this far.

As a full-time agent for 30 years, I have spent my career helping clients make smart choices in selling their homes.

From small condos to luxury homes, these transactions involved a global perspective to ensure that each step was being completed. Even if you are just starting to plan a move, let's talk about your ideas and goals.

Most of my clients have been researching on Zillow for months and maybe even going to weekend Open Houses to meet agents. It's an eye-opening strategy and, unfortunately, is very time-consuming.

Most of my clients come through personal referrals, although a third have met me at my open house where I answered questions and professionally demonstrated features of my client's homes.

Starting with helping my clients focus on the process, they are able to launch their plans with confidence and a professional plan.

I will help you target smart steps to take right away, and add some market research to your plan.